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Hey all-- just offering a new theme for the week--

Since it's Melbourne Cup down here in Melbourne, a day which gets its own public holiday, and I've already suggested gloves, so "hats" seems redundant, we've had enough suit prompts on the meme to satisfy even a suit fetishist like me, and suggesting writing 100 words on AA with the prompt "horses" seems mean, I'm going with the other thing I see associated with the day--


(Of course, I could have said "gambling," but I like drunkeness better.)
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Results: Spooked

In what may be becoming a trend, the defense takes it again this week. Let's tally 'er up:

Defense: 2 fics at 100 words each = 4pts
Prosecution: 1 fic at 100 words = 2pts

And this week's going to aphephobia for her wonderful, subtle take on Klavier's trauma after that particular trial. It gave me chills!

Results: Adventure

I think the implosion of fandom over PLvsAA kinda overshadowed everything else this week so a big thankyou to aphephobia and withpractice_ff for submitting! I confess the times when I wasn't doing stuff for Uni last week were spent stalking LJ and CR reading the reactions and scouting for more info XD

So, picking a winner... you'd think this would be easy given there's only two entries, but they really were super so it's tough! I loved aphephobia's peek inside Shih-na's head, because she's one of those characters who's a bit 'who dares wins' in terms of writing her. So little details revealed in the game make her a great one to explore, but the very lack of detail can be offputting, and writing her is adventurous in itself, really.

On the other hand, withpractice_ff's submission is exemplary of the 100 word drabble concept - honestly, I don't think I've read anything else that has quite nailed it like that, and it was a fab interpretation of the theme. So credit where credit is indeed due, withpractice_ff is this week's winner with her snapshot of Miles making a decision, and has also clinched a win for the prosecution as well! At 2 points to 1, the prosecution dared to tread where the defense could not - and who dares wins!