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gyakuten100's Journal

Gyakuten Saiban Drabbles
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Welcome to the Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright Drabble Community!


A drabble is defined as a story of exactly 100 words. However, in this community, anything 500 words or less will be considered for the weekly challenge.


There will be a new challenge every week. The topic of the challenge will be chosen by the winner of the previous week. It can be anything: a theme, a phrase, a situation, etc. Your drabble must be under or exactly 500 words and consistent with the weekly topic to be considered.

Drabbles not relating to the weekly challenge are also welcome and encouraged! Just label them as such for organization purposes.


Please use this format for your posts:

Title: Try to come up with one? Even if it's "Phoenix Goes to Court".
Author: The name that you'd prefer to be archived under.
Word Count: There is a free word-counter here.
Warning: Please warn for spoilers, NC-17 content, or anything else you think needs a warning. If none, this can be left out.
Challenge: If applicable.

Place your actual fic under an Lj-cut.


1. Be respectful to the posters in this community. Trolling will not be tolerated.
2. Every post, except when posting to issue the challenge prompt, must contain a drabble. If you wish to make an introduction, that's fine, but please do so while posting a drabble.
3. This community is yaoi, yuri, het, and gen friendly.
4. Above all, be creative and have fun! ;D


For the general Gyakuten Saiban community, please visit gyakuten_saiban!